Behind the Box: Katie Black, Customer Success Manager

Behind the Box is Harvie’s way of connecting you to the people behind your weekly grocery delivery. Meet Katie Black, Customer Success Manager, who has spent her entire life on a farm. As she says, “Harvie is taking that stress away from producers by providing a platform to sell their items at a fair price.”

What is the last thing you ate?

A fresh strawberry straight from the field. 

What’s your favorite comfort food, go-to meal, or recipe?

Hands down… Unstuffed Pepper Casserole. 

What’s your favorite veggie? 

Oh, this is hard! I am truly a veggie lover. There is nothing better than local produce. I think the extra dose of love that small producers give their products makes everything just a little bit better. If I had to pick one veggie as my favorite, it would be asparagus… or zucchini… or a beautiful, juicy, homegrown tomato. I really can’t choose just one! 

What’s your favorite thing about Harvie/Working for Harvie?

I could write a book on why I like/love working for Harvie. There are so many great things about the company, but my love for Harvie stems from my personal background. 

My entire life has been spent on a farm. I have seen great highs and great lows in the agriculture industry. Some of my earliest memories were watching my dad stand next to a field with crops that were plentiful praying there would be a place to sell his product when the time came. Harvie is taking that stress away from producers by providing a platform to sell their items at a fair price. 

On the other hand, customers are receiving high-quality products from local producers and artisans that they are using to feed their families. Every single day of the year, Harvie is a positive part of someone’s life in some way. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing the work we are doing is helping change the local food economy for the better. 

The cherry on top — I work with an insanely talented group of people who are truly dedicated to being part of the change and care about everyone involved in the process.