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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make changes to my share: reschedule, hold, location and date changes?

As a member you have a few different options if you can't receive your regular scheduled share. Let's review the options and explain how they each work ...
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How do preferences work?

To create your custom share, the Harvie software utilizes the product preferences you provide, but how do these preferences work ...
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How to swap items and customize my box?

Prior to your delivery, you’ll have the option to swap out items if you want! Before your scheduled delivery you will receive an email telling you what items are in your farmshare for the week, what items might be available for swapping and also what items may be available for adding on as extras ...
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How do extras work?

Extras are additional a la carte items you can add to your farm share when you customize your delivery ...
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How does Harvie Farm Stand work?

Farm stand is a way to purchase one-time shares from your farmer when and if they have extra product available ...
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What are Credits? How do I receive them? How do I redeem them?

Credits are a tool farms can use to issue cash credit to a members account. These credits will be on your account and you can review them ...
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How do I make a payment or update my payment info?

Your payment information can be managed by logging into your Harvie account ...
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How do the payment plans work?

Members have four different options for payment and each farm has control over what down payment they will require for the season ...
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View all help documentation at Harvie University