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Farm Happenings for June 4, 2019

Posted on June 2nd, 2019 by John Zilnicki

Hello members, hope everyone enjoyed their 1st share boxes!  A few quick things.  If you could flatten the boxes once your done with them and return them the next week that would be greatly appreciated.  All you have to do is squeeze the two tabs on the bottom and it should flatten by itself.  The other option is at the time of pick up to bring a tote bag and take the contents out put into your bag at time of pick up, what ever works best for you.  Also, at the bottom of the email of your final content of produce for that week, you will find receipts, and other information about the content of the boxes.  These are great tips and tricks that make cooking a breeze.  Also, follow #frompastatopotatoes on Instagram to see what kind of recipes we try with the produce in that weeks box. 

Some of the produce, spinach specifically will have dirt on it.  We feel certain leafy greens are very delicate and they store best if they are washed at home before use, instead of on the farm.  The best way to rinse spinach is to fill up a big pot of water and fully submerge the spinach.  Than take spinach out, rinse and you may want to repeat the process to get any last dirt off.  Also, when its time to customize your box you have the chance to order more produce if you think you will need it for the week.  Besides for the contents of box we offer extras like an assortment of potted herbs and other products that will become available as we get further in the season.  

Lastly, keep posting pictures of the awesome meals you make with the contents of the CSA box!  We love seeing it and make sure you tag us #zilnickifarms.