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Farm Happenings for August 23, 2022

Posted on August 19th, 2022 by John Zilnicki

Umm.. where did Summer go? Yes, we have a few more weeks of it but how is already going to be 8/20 tomorrow?  All days kind of blur together and no matter how hard we try to slow down its almost impossible.  

I'm going to give you a little of what goes on in the minds of some farmers during the dog days of summer.  We wake up tired most days, and we check the weather, even though we know no rain is in the forecast.  But, we all know weathermen just flip a coin on most forecasts so there is always the chance something changes.  We map out our days in our minds and start our days.  Nin  e out of ten times plans are flipped on our heads and we have to adapt to whatever situation arises.  We get to lunch and we regroup, its out halftime, our refocus, our cat nap.  We get back out in the field or packing shed, or shop or who knows and we grind.  The days are long, the sweating is endless, the frustrations outnumber the triumphs.  Most days we question why we do what we do.  Do people even care?  We beat on our bodies for what?  I miss my family.  I'm hungry.  Dam I want a cold beer bad.  

This is where the ability to slow down, take a deep breath and show gratitude to the abundance that surrounds us, brings us back into focus and allows us to keep plugging along.  I remind myself that 1.5% of the population feeds 100% of the population in America and I put my big boy pants on a keep on trucking.  

So, if you see a farmer, blue collar worker, take the 1 minute it would take and thank them for their hard work, it would mean the world and it would make this world a happier place.

Ok, John's Ted talk is over.

Have a great weekend!

Your farmer, 


PS: Special thank you to original OG CSA member Kaitlin Ferris for taking family photos for us at Reeves beach.  She has been their for all stages of our lives and she means a lot to us and we recommend her with a 6 Star rating out of 5, if ever in need of an amazing photographer she's the one!