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Soup for All Seasons

Posted on January 10th, 2020 by Ashley Swensen


It snowed! And on a CSA date, to boot. Last week was our first real encounter this season with snow shovels, salty sidewalks, and steely skies. In the pack shed, we rolled down the doors to keep out swirling gusts of snow as we prepared your boxes. We turned from our desks toward the windows, compared weather apps, and loaded the delivery truck a little early. Outside, the chickens called to us from where they sheltered beneath their coop, and the dogs collected capes of snow on their dark fur. For the first time, the coolers in the Farm Stand were warmer than the air outside! Thankfully, Collin’s Michigan background makes him a deft driver in the snow and the veggies all made it safely to their destinations.

After Wednesday’s melt, we were inspired by the sun and softening ground to start the first planting of spring. As we harvest beds for our Winter shares, the next steps are to clear them and re-seed with the lettuce, spinach, and carrots that we’ll start bringing to farmer’s markets in March. In the same week, the season we’re living and the season we’re looking toward collide.

How did the snow treat you? Did you get outside and get wet, or hunker down with something warm and cozy from the kitchen? Our favorite is a little of both: the bracing cold followed a hearty meal. One of my favorites in cold weather was one my mother affectionately called “Dumpster Soup”. Usually a tomato base, sometimes with beef, made with whatever vegetables languished in our fridge, and always delicious. I’m planning to recreate it later this weekend.

Meal Plan Week #5

Delicious Entrees

Vegetarian Inspiration

Eat well, be well, and enjoy the weather,

Ashley, Collin, John, Lex, the sleeping dogs, and our cozy winter flocks and herds