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Farm Happenings for June 24, 2020

Posted on June 21st, 2020 by Shelli and Paul Meulemans

Reminders—Please remember to leave out your previous boxes for us to pick up each week! If you notice any missing items in your box, please email us right away so we can remedy it. We are hoping to hit 100% accuracy but so far we are averaging 97%.

Now let’s talk about chicken poop!

As you may know, we added egg layers to our farm this spring. They are about a month out from starting to lay eggs (we look forward to having our fresh, pastured, organic eggs for you soon). We built them totally mobile coops with no floor so they travel around the farm on fresh pasture, pooping. We use electric mobile net fencing to keep them contained and safe.

The mobile system totally eliminates the need for us to ever handle their manure, while naturally depositing it and providing fertility for future vegetable crops, and keeps them on clean and healthy land to produce the highest quality, clean eggs. 

According to our reading, our flock poops about 2,300 lbs of fresh manure per month. At 1.5% nitrogen, that’s 36 lbs of nitrogen deposited in a month. 36 lbs of nitrogen is enough to supply a heavy feeding vegetable crop. And that’s just from the nitrogen available in the manure, even though there is also the microbial decomposition of remaining dry matter on the ground. So, for us, I like chicken poop :) (on the ground, not on my hands)