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Week 10!

Posted on August 2nd, 2022 by Charlotte Grzegorowicz

Week 10 is upon us! 


That means we are officially half way though our CSA season! Can you believe it? I sure cant! It's crazy how time flies when you're having fun :) And there are so many veggies to look forward to still! 

Its melon galore here are the farm, we've got all sizes, and shapes. Its seems like every time I look up the crew is back with hundreds of melons, and they're showing off all the funny shapes they've found while picking. We even have a whole bin of cantaloupes that are smaller than softballs! They're still beautifully ripe and delicious, just a super fun size. 

Here are some helpful tips :)

  • If you find something missing from your share or forget to pick up your share REACH OUT TO US! If you don't pick up your share on your delivery day you will have 24 hours to contact me to arrange an alternative pick up. This could be a pick up at a different location, or we just send it again the next week with that weeks share! If you are missing an item from your box please contact me as well. I am more than happy to send a replacement item the next week, or give you a refund. 
  • Use a computer NOT a phone or tablet for customizing and avoid the Internet Explorer browser. The Harvie website sometimes has a few glitches when accessed on these devices. For the smoothest experience I heavily suggest accessing your Harvie account and customizing your share through a computer or laptop, with a browser like Chrome.  

  • To customize click the button in your email. You have 48 hours until the window closes to complete your customizations. You can swap things in and out of your box, OR add in extras beyond what you have already paid for! If you are having trouble customizing your order use this link for an in-depth explanation. 

  • If you received "credit" from one of our signup incentives, you will see it in your account as a positive "balance". This "Harvie Balance" should be visible on the customization screen and will be automatically used as soon as possible. This means, if you are on the payment plan, it will be applied to your share price the first week. If you paid in full, it will be applied the first time you add extra items to your share.

What's in this weeks shares?? I'll tell you!

  • We've got:
    Sweet corn
    Italian Eggplant
    White Scallions
    Red Bunched Beets
    Loose White Onions
    Cubanelle Peppers
    Golden Zucchini 
    Mid sized Watermelon
    Cherry Tomatoes
    Green Peppers
    Mixed Salanova
    Rainbow Chard
    Green Beans

  • Fruit Shares will receive: Peaches!

  • Mushroom Shares will receive: Lions Mane Mushrooms!

  • Bread Shares will receive: Leinsamenbrot!

Recipe of the week: Stuffed Cubanelle Peppers!
There are so many other recipes online for stuffed cubanelles, but this one had more fresh vegetables than other ones I scoped out! You could even add in chopped up green peppers, jalapenos, or corn! I personally would probably top it all off with some thinly sliced scallions.