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CSA WEEK 20 (The Final Week!)

Posted on October 13th, 2020 by Phoebe Gelbard


It truly goes by so fast... This season has been quite an eventful one, for sure. Between all the crazy events in our world, the crazy weather we had, and this crazy new customizable CSA system... We were destined for an interesting year from the start, but I do believe we got even more excitement than we bargained for! Perhaps a peaceful and mild weathered winter is in all of our futures. We can be optimistic at least!

I hope everyone has enjoyed being a member with us this season and that all of the fresh fruits and vegetables from Warner Farm have helped to keep your family healthy and happy. I know that we have GREATLY enjoyed growing, packing, and delivering food for you folks and will be looking forward to doing it all again next year for you, too.

Have a safe and happy winter everyone and thank you for being a part of our 2020 CSA season!


Since our CSA season is coming to a close, make sure to use up any remaining credits you still have on your account! Credits WILL NOT roll over to next season. Any credits remaining on your account after October 22nd will be lost. If anyone has any questions about using their credits please don't hesitate to ask! There's certainly plenty to spend your credits on these days, multiple types of squash and fruit for storing and baking. Check out the extras section to add to your share!

If anyone is looking for anything specific before the season ends that you do not/have not seen available please shoot me an email to inquire. We may be able to source it for you from one of our friend farms and send it out with your last share. We make no promises, but we are quite happy to ask around and help our customers stock up for winter.

P.S. There's still plenty of time to visit Mike's Maze at Warner Farm this season! We know a lot of our members are pretty far away out in Eastern Mass, but we definitely think we are worth the journey (and are confident you'll agree)! If you're planning on making the trip out to experience our maze this season, make sure you check out our website and pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time. Use discount code 'welovewarnerfarmCSA" to get $1 off your tickets! Hope to see you there!

What's in the shares this week?

- Sugar Pumpkins  New this week!
- Acorn Squash  New this week!
- Sweet Potatoes
- Green Cabbage
- Young Ginger Root 
- Carrots
- Cauliflower
- Broccoli Rabe  New this week!
- Brussels Sprout Tops
- Baby Bok Choy
- Spinach
- Kale
- Green Bell Pepper
- Chioggia Beets   New this week!
- Yellow Onions
- Russet Potatoes
- Garlic  LIMITED, Available as extras ONLY!
- Cherry Tomatoes  LIMITED, Available as extras ONLY!
- Acorn Squash by the bushel box  Available as extras ONLY!
- Sweet Dumpling Squash by the 1/2 bushel box  Available as extras ONLY!
- Bosc Pears! (2 lbs. OR 20 lbs.)  Available as extras ONLY!
- Fuji Apples! (2 lbs. OR 20 lbs.)  Available as extras ONLY!
- Canning Tomatoes by the box (20 lbs.)  Available as extras ONLY!

*All items listed above are available for swapping as well as purchasing as extras unless otherwise designated*

Fruit Shares will receive: Honeycrisp Apples! (from Pine Hill Orchard)

Mushroom Shares will receive: Oyster Mushrooms (from Mycoterra Farm)

Recipes of the week by CSA staff member Phoebe!

Photo of the week: The sun setting over golden stalks of corn; A metaphorical photo for our final week of the 2020 CSA. Photography by CSA Member, Stephanie Craig