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Farm Happenings for January 9, 2021

Posted on January 3rd, 2021 by Jack Manix

Amazing how 6 weeks can fly by and suddenly we're coming up on week 6 of the Fall/Winter CSA. Our chickens certainly enjoyed the greens trimmings and we hope you all enjoyed the certified organic produce and felt we delivered a safe and pleasant experience. Your crew, Tina, Ida, Lindsey, Liz, Derek, Heather, Elspeth and Dustin, want to thank you for your support. They worked hard to fulfill a CSA that had 33% more members than any previous fall/winter program. We felt we had to accommodate as many folks as possible this year. 2020 is over but there is hope for the future and an eventual return to normal. Next season's flower and vegetable seed orders have been sent in and the planning has begun. We hope to produce even more food for the community this year so we can offer even more shares both in the Fall/Winter and Deep Winter CSAs. Hope you have a healthy and safe winter and we'll see you back at Walker Farm in the spring for our two hundred fifty-FIRST anniversary!