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Farm Happenings for August 12, 2022

Posted on August 7th, 2022 by Scott Kosiba

Hello Tumbleweed Family,


We want to thank you for hanging our for another delicious week of produce! It is, however, with with great sadness that we've decided to cut this season shorter than what we'd originally planned.

Tumbleweed Farms' final delivery of this season will be August 26th. That means, including this Friday's delivery, we'll have three more deliveries this season. For customers, you won't need to do anything to your profile and will not be charged after the final delivery date. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause but we're hoping our advance notice will provide time to plan. If you're interested in case/wholesale purchasing for canning, peach season, etc., let us know.

Madeline and I started Tumbleweed Farms five years ago because we believed Sublette County deserved fresh produce at an affordable price. That's as true now as it was in 2018. We love this community and it's been an absolute pleasure serving you but we've decided to step back and focus on other pursuits in Sublette County. We're grateful to you all for your support and hope to see you around the community sometime soon.


Scott and Madeline


As always, please review the following notes. Some are new:

Peach shares: If you're not signed up for peach shares and would like a full or half case delivered on Friday, just email us at and we'll get you on the list.

Fruit shares: We've had some hiccups on the developer side for our fruit shares. Currently, Harvie stocks all fruit shares like normal produce shares which means you might be getting broccoli instead of nectarines or raspberries. We're still trying to figure a solution to this but in the meantime, remember you can customize those shares to include only fruit through your profile. Otherwise, we're trying to stock those with only fruit when we build shares Thursday nights. We apologize for the inconvenience as we sort this out.


How can I reduce Tumbleweed costs for myself and Sublette County?

There are a number of ways to get involved with Tumbleweed this season to help us keep prices low while still delivering high quality produce.

1. Refer a Friend! We rely heavily on word of mouth to connect with new customers in Sublette County and we want to reward you for that help. On the top right hand corner of your Harvie dashboard, there is a refer a friend option that will give both you and your friend $40 off your next share. There's no limit to how many friends you can sign up, so go wild! The more customers we serve, the more we're able to keep costs low throughout the season.

2. Volunteer! We're always looking for help delivering shares, promoting Tumbleweed Farms, and connecting us to new customers. If you're interested in delivering part of our Sublette County route during any given week (Friday AMs), we'll give you your weekly share for free! Email us at for more information.

3. Sell us your produce! We love Sublette County grown produce and would love to purchase extra goodies that are coming out of your garden. If your garden is producing more than your family can eat, Tumbleweed will gladly pay you for your delicious produce so we can share with our customers. Email us at for more information.


Share storage, pickups, & preparation: We've honed our supply chain over the years to make the time from harvest to table as short as possible. It's looking like we're in for a hot Sublette summer and you can do your part to make sure your share is as fresh as can be.

1. Home delivery customers, consider putting a cooler outside your home the night before deliveries with ice or icepacks. Keeping your share out of the sun and in cool temps during the day will make a big difference when you come home from work!

2. Pick up customers, we're on the road delivering to our pickup locations early on Friday mornings. Once they're dropped off, we have little control over conditions. Some of our pickup location partners have the ability to and are willing to refrigerate shares until they're picked up but not all. Sublette Co. Visitor Center pickups especially, please try to pick up as early as possible on Fridays. The visitor center opens at 10 am. 

3. Re-hydrate your greens! We live in a very dry climate and despite all of our best efforts, your greens may arrive looking a bit wilted. Fear not! As soon as you get home, place your greens (spinach, kale, etc.) into a bowl of icewater to rehydrate your produce. They'll be crisp and delicious and ready to eat.



Donation Shares: For the very first time, we're able to offer donation shares through for sale. Since our founding in 2018, we've had a close relationship with the Pinedale Community Food Basket and have donated 1000's of lbs of produce to families in need through the Food Basket's monthly distribution program. This season will be no different but we want to extend the opportunity to give back to our customers this season. You can purchase a seasonal or one-time share through Tumbleweed Farms and we'll take care of the rest. Your donated share will go directly to a Sublette County family in need. Tumbleweed has donated 3 weekly, season-long shares this season. Will you join us?


Wholesale & Bulk Orders: This season, we're excited to offer bulk and wholesale purchasing for restaurants, stores, canning enthusiasts, and Palisade peach-o-holics. If you're interested in working with us to purchase fresh, affordable produce in bulk for your business or personal use we're happy to help! Email us at for more info!


As always, we strive to get the best produce in your share every single week. If you're not satisfied with anything you've received in your share, let us know and we'll make it right ASAP.



Thanks a million (peaches),

Madeline, Scott, and Heath