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Tumbleweed happening, September 1st

Posted on August 27th, 2021 by Scott Kosiba

Holy cow, how is it September already??


Happy Friday, Tumbleweed Family! The weather is starting to cool off, the aspen leaves will be changing soon, and school is starting back up. We're sad to say goodbye to another lovely (albeit smoky and hot) Wyoming summer. That does mean fall produce is coming. This week we're excited to be bringing in a bunch of autumn goodies like squashes, apples, and more!

Apologies to those of you who were missing produce during last week's delivery. We had a vehicle issue with one of our farmers and our very own Tumbleweed rig had a blowout too! That said, we're always committed to making sure you receive all the delicious fruits and vegetables you're expecting so we're working on crediting your accounts for the missing produce and we'll be stuffing shares with extra goodies this week too. We have a few more weeks of Tumbleweed this summer so enjoy the fresh, delicious produce before the long, cold winter is upon us.

For those of you preparing for the colder months and need canning goodies, please let us know. We can sell most anything we provide as cases. Email us at if you're interested.

Our best,


Madeline and Scott

Tumbleweed Farms