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All Good things must come to an End.Or at the very least take a break...

Posted on October 18th, 2019 by Andrew Cone

We all want to first of all thank you for allowing us to be your organic produce farmers!  Wisconsin has four unpredictable, predictable seasons. It seems that no matter how hard it is to say whether it will rain or not as of late, winter shows up faithfully. The leaves are in full blown fall color display here on the farm. Many trees are already barren and it appears that life has departed from their branches. Once bountiful fields of every kind of produce stand empty and await cover crops. 

What an amazing season we have had. When I really consider the wide variety of produce that has come forth it really causes my heart to feel great gratitude for all that has gone well this growing season amidst  the wettest on record for Wisconsin!!

We are providing a donation button on our website, , for those that would like to support the farm and families agricultural journey with financial gifts to help keep everything growing.

Again, thank you from all of us for taking the 2019 growing season journey with Sunny Cone Farm! Hope you have enjoyed the ride!

Andrew, Heidi, Joseph, Grace, Joshua,and Faith