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Farm happenings for October 18th

Posted on October 15th, 2019 by Peter Seely


Here we are transplanting some greens into a hoophouse (that recently had tomatoes in it).  This spinach and lettuce will hopefully be ready in 5-6 weeks, in time perhaps for one of the last deliveries of the season. We like to transplant them because they get off to a faster start than if we were to put the seeds into the ground, which would be especially slow to get going since it is getting to be quite cool out! 

Sunday night we had our first frost!  We had picked all the winter squash, and most of the peppers, since they among the first vegetables that can't survive in the cold.  The sweet potato plants usually succumb fairly readily to the first frost as well, so that the plants themselves are now dead, but the tubers underneath are still fine until the ground itself starts to freeze.  Potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips can remain fine in the ground for another month or so.

We are hoping for drier weather so we can dig the rest of the potatoes and sweet potatoes!

Reminder: Farm Day next Saturday weather permitting.  October 19th!

Customization of this week's box ending Wednesday night 11:30 pm!