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Farm Happenings for July 8, 2020

Posted on July 4th, 2020 by Peter Seely

Cherry tomatoes starting to turn!

Coming soon: (in two, or possibly three, weeks):  cherry tomatoes, green beans, garlic, and maple syrup!

Possible swapping of veggies:

We notice that about 1/3 of you successfully make swaps or additions to your box.  If you haven't ever done that, it is not terribly difficult to do; you should be able to follow the links in your e-mail.  We notice that the algorithm to distribute our produce to you has as a main goal to give to you as wide a variety of things as possible, so that whereas normally at this time of year in our pre-Harvie era we would give the medium and larger shares at least 2-3 cucumbers (if not more!), and perhaps the same with zucchini as well, per share, now you often still only get one in your tote, since there is a wide variety of other items to draw from as well.  If we would then make as the basic unit of cucumbers a bunch of 2 or 3 of them, then the small shares would be forced to get that same number as a minimum as well, perhaps making it impossible to get another item as well.  So overall it's great to have someone else tabulating what should go in everyone's boxes, but we hope that the choices presented to you are ones that you are comfortable with!

Cherries in two weeks: We will send our truck over Lake Michigan to get some sweet cherries for delivery to you on July 15th.  Fortunately the Badger ferry (between Manitowoc and Luddington) has made it possible so that we can send our truck over on the ferry empty, and then on the Michigan side the orchardists will load up the truck with cherries, and see that it gets back on to the ferry for the return trip.  We will supply a link so that you can order either a 20 lb. box of cherries, or a 5 lb. box.  Details soon! Not organically grown, unfortunately; perhaps in our next life we could try growing fruit!

Dealing with the heat at the farm: Lots of the crops like the heat, and are growing rapidly because of it!  Great for them!  As for its effect on the people, some of us can work through the heat adequately, while some of us need extra time off, either daily, or occasionally through the week.  At least in the evening it usually cools down to a comfortable temperature!  We are blessed this year with a fine crew of some family help (Esther and Emma), some college interns, some seasonal high school help, some local full-time help, and our Hmong crew that always dress in long-sleeves despite the high temp's!

Have a great week, if possible, despite the craziness of our world!