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Farm Happening 7/17

Posted on July 16th, 2019 by Yoram Shanan

Hello Farm Family!  As the last of the early planting crops finish off their season we excitedly start to pick the first of our Summer crops like cucumbers and summer squash.  These first harvests start out light before really picking up steam.  One thing holding these plants back is the sudden lack of rain.  Trying to keep 5 acres irrigated is quite an undertaking, which is why last year we invested in a new irrigation system to help us move water from field to field more easily.  This type of clear weather is great for catching up on weeding and planting.  If only the tractor hadn't spontaneously broke down last week!  When this happens we find ourselves in a crunch to get it fixed amid all the other work going on so tractor work like prepping fields for planting can resume.  It's always a little too busy on the farm, but knowing we have the support of our farm members makes all the difference : )

This weeks harvest has fresh garlic!  This uncured garlic doesn't have the papery skins you may be used to, and can also have a slightly more pungent flavor.  This weeks harvest also includes fresh thyme, which is great used fresh or can be dried and stored for future use!  Hope y'all enjoy!

-Farmer Yoram