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Posted on December 2nd, 2019 by Andrea McAdow

It's December!

The holiday season is officially here so while the farming season is slowing down it feels like our personal lives are speeding up. Things can always feel hectic right about now which is why its so amazing to us that you have chosen to nourish your bodies with some beautiful locally grown food! You are AWESOME.

These past two weeks we have been hit with lots of rain! Its honestly the first time all year we've gotten this much water and I can't wait to see what it does for our soil. The baby plants tha tare sitting in the ground for overwintering should see some amazing root growth and get nice and strong for the Spring.

There's still quite a bit to harvest at the farms but December is usually a slow month for new growth with the super short days. That means we're inside working on crop plans for the new year. Seed catalogs are being poured over and dreams of warm weather food is dancing in our heads. If there's any crop you'd really really like to eat in 2020 please let us know!

We're already missing the warmer days but the time spent planning now for 2020 should pay plenty of dividends once go time comes back around.

See you on Thursday!