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Farm Happenings for November 12, 2020

Posted on November 9th, 2020 by Andrea McAdow

Welp, it snowed yesterday? The moisture was a welcome change from 7...8...1 million months of what seemed like bone dry weather (not seemed, it was). There's a lot of clean up to do today from the high winds but at least we're not watering! We're building the end walls on our second hoop house instead because it turns out huge flapping pieces of plastic in 45 mph winds aren't exactly safe nor do they do a great job of keeping heat in. We're also planting our last few transplants and getting ready to plant our Spring bulbs, only a few thousand this time around.

Just a reminder that we will be skipping deliveries Thanksgiving week, I think you would rather spend time with your family than with me ;). However, we will have plenty of Thanksgiving goodies for next week. If there is anything you would absolutely love to have fresh and local please let me know! We do still have Fort Rock Pasture raised chickens if you're looking for a local alternative to turkey.

FYI Our ranchers are having a hard time getting processing dates due to increased demand. I do have a few packages of beef left, if you would like to volunteer to postpone yours please let me know. We should hopefully have more within a week or two. We will however be getting some cuts of grass finished beef from Rafter S in the near future (located just outside of Kingman) if you are interested in swapping. For now we will have Sirloin and NY Strip Steaks. Eta within the next week or so.

Lil Rooster Farm is stocking us back up with local eggs again this week but we also have plenty of extra from Glaum Egg Ranch if you would like to add some to your order. We also have plenty of grass fed milk too.