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Farm Happenings for June 25, 2020

Posted on June 22nd, 2020 by Andrea McAdow

We have an action packed newsletter for you today!

Welp, the summer solstice has come and gone and heat loving plants are truly reaching for their peak production. Albeit, temperatures are quickly reaching triple digits which means its time for adjusted work shifts around here. We won't plant much again until August, in the hopes of monsoon rains giving us a helping hand. Most of July will be spent on setting up some new projects and getting things going in the nursery again.

We only have two weeks (this week included) left in our Spring CSA. Not sure if this spring felt like a flash or if I aged a decade but I'm glad I was able to spend it serving you, our amazing community of local food lovers. We have some really awesome things planned for these last two weeks that I think you are going to absolutely love!

First, we have tons of Kingman grown figs this week! Last night I sprinkled some halved fruits with olive oil, grilled them for a few minutes and then threw them on a kale salad with walnuts, Parmesan, broccoli shoots, and Queen Creek Olive Mill Fig Balsamic Vinegar. Total winner.

Second, we are now working with a new Kingman Farmer growing really great microgreens. This means we'll have these nutritionally packed babies more regularly. We have some broccoli and radish on the menu this week.

Finally, I was able to grab some conventionally grown cantaloupe and blueberries this week. I will be adding them as a swap item so anyone wanting only local/organic won't have them automatically placed in their box.

PS its time to dust off your zucchini bread recipes... I just harvested 50 lbs of squash yesterday and expect to be able to harvest about the same come Thursday. Pickle em, fry em, dehydrate them just help me get rid of them!

Oh and our broccolini FINALLY decided to go off and join the party, we'll have more bunches than usual available of those this week.

Some more good news, with the new partnerships I've been working out behind the scenes I do believe that we'll have enough to increase our Fall shares quite a bit. I added several new openings and that means I need your help to grow our crew. In your profile you'll be able to find your refer a friend code. When your friend signs up for a CSA share you'll both get a $25 credit!

Also, its about time for our satisfaction survey. I so appreciate your patience this season as we worked out the kinks with new software, venturing into delivery due to COVID, and generally all the trials and tribulations of this crazy year that is 2020. If you have something to say positive or negative, lemme hear it:

I'll be sharing more info on those projects I mentioned soon! Stay tuned.

Your Farmer, Andrea