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Rivendale Farms CSA Newsletter, Week 22 (Nov 6)

Posted on November 2nd, 2018 by Neil Stauffer

Hello to everyone. Its with a wide mixture of feelings that we announce the final week of the CSA! 22 weeks of changing weather and seasonal factors that led to ever-changing custom boxes of food from the farm.

We want to thank everyone again. Seriously. We love growing food for you and trust that you enjoyed the partnership too.  Hopefully you tried a few new veggies and had your fill of some favorites too. 

The most common question we get this time of year is, "What do you do all winter?" While the pace does slow a bit, we will stay plenty busy in the coming months. In addition to the chickens, the greenhouse, and our restaurant deliveries; we also take a lot of time to review, analyze, and plan for the 2019 season. With seed orders due right around New Years, we don't have much time to figure out what went well and what we can improve going forward. Our hope is to email you an end-of-year survey so that you can help us in this effort. Thanks in advance for your helpful and honest input.

We hope that many of you will join us again next season. We will be sure to let current CSA members know first when signups are available sometime after the new year begins.

We are tired but grateful. Have a great winter, and we will stay in touch!

On behalf of the crew,


ps--This week's pic shows off a sunny October afternoon in the chicken pasture. With Daylight Savings ending this weekend, we are trying to enjoy any bit of warm weather thrown our way. I'm sure you are too!