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Farm Happenings for September 17, 2019 (week 15)

Posted on September 13th, 2019 by Neil Stauffer

Greetings from the farm. It's Friday afternoon, and our small crew today is already beginning to prepare for the CSA on Tuesday. The beans, squash, peppers, cherry tomatoes, and heirlooms all need to be picked about every other day. So Friday often serves as the unofficial beginning of the following week as we start to pick and then project what harvests we will have available for the coming days.

This week feels like a shift. The first time in a long time that we are not offering cucumbers--I'm sure most of you are ready for a break. :) And we are adding a bunch of new Late Summer/Fall items like ground cherries, kale, mini romaine lettuce, purple-skinned potatoes, and Dragon Tongue wax beans that have purple streaks in them. So it's exciting--even as some of our thoughts start to drift toward winter--to have newly available crops to harvest.

It's weeks like this that remind me how counter-cultural it can be to eat with the seasons from a farm. When a crop is in it's peak season, we eat a ton of it. And then just when we are about sick of it, we tend to move on to the next exciting seasonal harvest. It's not the same as grabbing a tomato any month of the year. But it hopefully shows you just how good each item can taste when eaten in season.

Logistical note--for those of you who receive flower shares, there are 2 more weeks left. Enjoy the changing colors of the flower seasons as well.

On behalf of the crew,

Farmer Neil