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Farm Happenings for September 4, 2019 (week 13)

Posted on August 28th, 2019 by Neil Stauffer

First and perhaps most important: please remember that the CSA deliveries are on WEDNESDAY SEPT 4 this week (not Tuesday). Make a note in your calendars to plan accordingly. If you can't pick up on Wednesday, you can still move your pickup to another day by visiting your online account before Sunday at 8pm.

We will return to Tuesday deliveries the following week. 

The end of August is upon us. Back to school. Back to our post-summer realities. We feel the change of season on the farm. Less intense heat. Shortening days. Welcome changes of the coming new month.

Farmer Susanna already has her mind on planning for winter as well. As with many jobs, staying ahead of the current situation to look forward to what will come next is key. What will we plant in the field tunnels where the heirloom tomatoes are slowly coming to an end? Is it too late to squeeze one last planting of lettuce into our field plans?

After a very wet May and June, we enjoyed the summer weather of July and August (most days). While not all of our crops were successes (many of our herbs and carrots were flooded out this season), in general our crops are doing well over these months.

One of those successful crops is potatoes. We know some of you have been waiting for them, and we're excited to soon have them. We enjoy the yearly task of digging potatoes. There's something very satisfying about seeing them unearthed from the soil and filling bins and sacks with these hardy vegetables. 

We planted them way later than usual due to the early wet weather this year. Last year, we had lots of rain later in the season and our entire crop of potatoes ended up rotting. But the good news is that this season they are looking great and tasting wonderful. We had to try them out for quality control for dinner last night! ;)

Have a wonderful week,

Farmer Neil, on behalf of the crew