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Farm Happenings for September 7, 2023

Posted on September 1st, 2023 by Steve Young

Greetings! Once again the tomato harvest season is here. As always it's starts slow but soon kicks itself into high gear as we get a little further into September. There'll be plenty of those deemed "love apples" to come.  The French coined the term "love apple" to encourage people to eat them after the long time belief that they were poisonous. Claiming to believe they had aphrodisiac qualities people started eating them like they were M & M's. The rest is history. One of my favored crops and I hope its yours too.

When field ripened tomato season begins I'll do everything possible to have tomatoes available until the first frost. That's usually enough time for me to satisfy my cravings for tomatoes. If you're like me I'm never fooled by those tomato imposters seen on the grocery store shelves. I simply refuse to buy them and wait until now. It's the perfect time to make up for being deprived of this wonderful fruit during most other times of the year. Delish!

Enjoy the warm weather while its here. Take care!

Farmer Steve