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Farm Happenings for March 23, 2023

Posted on March 17th, 2023 by Steve Young

Alright! The official first day of spring is this coming Monday. Outside signs that spring's approaching are not quite visible here unless you use your imagination a little. However, in reality my propagation greenhouse is starting to show signs of new life. Seeing new seedlings breaking dormancy and rising up from their trays reaching for the sun is so precious for anyone to witness at this time of the year. To see the first sign of new life beginning in the spring is actually quite astonishing.  In the anticipation of spring each year the one thing I've gotten better at is growing more "patience". Propagating vegetable transplants for eventual planting outdoors you see first hand how incredibly slow plant life begins. Then seeing how long it takes further to reach their harvestable stage instills a lot of patience within. A long time stressor as a CSA subscription farmer was the spring start up and having a set deadline for the first delivery of the season. For the first time ever I don't have that deadline weighing on my shoulders. From now on I'll let mother nature tell me when its time to plant rather than me telling her to "ease up on me now" because I have to get stuff planted.  Many years are slow to start, and it could very well be one of those kind of years. So join me with your kind patience knowing spring and warmer days are closer than ever now.

While we're waiting for some greens to appear I thank you for purchasing the items I've been able to offer. A special thank you to those who've bought my homemade pasta. I really love making pasta and what a perfect way to spend a day like this in my kitchen on such a brutal spring blustery day. Hope you'll have the opportunity to experience my pasta while I'm still having time to be inside to make it.

Hope you all have an amazing spring! The lettuce in the picture above is a romaine variety.

So I'd like to say "Romaine Calm" everyone and think of warmer days! 

With warm regards,

Farmer Steve