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On course for the first season's delivery on June 17th

Posted on May 28th, 2022 by Steve Young

  Above photo: Plants in our propagation greenhouse cozy and warm as they await their eventual graduation day to the outer world.  

Greetings Everyone!  

In spite of a cold start to the season we’re still holding to June 17th for the first delivery.

The transition from winter to spring here has been a little less than ideal.   The transplants and direct seeded crops we got in early never had a consistent amount of day and nighttime temperatures warm enough to get them growing. April was cold with daytime and evening temperatures in the upper thirties and low forties. Now at the end of May with gradually warming temperatures everything is starting to take off.  We’re still in the midst of planting outdoors while also tending to our indoor greenhouse crops. We’re pretty well past our last average frost date but we’ll take a couple extra weeks for good measure before putting out some of the more delicate vegetables like tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers.    

That all being said we did manage to get most of our crops in on time.  Our selection at first may be a little limited but I’m optimistic things should pick up quickly. I’m so glad to have you all on board for another season. As always I’ll do everything within my power and ability to make this summer a great experience for everyone. I’m looking forward to some warmer days ahead and most certainly filled with a great selection of food.


Farmer Steve