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Farm Happenings for August 19, 2021

Posted on August 13th, 2021 by Steve Young

As most of you last week experienced some severe weather, power outages, and flooding I hope your life has gotten back to normal. For the farm the crop damage has become more obvious only within the last few days. The photo is showing a small section of our tomato crop that's showing signs of severe stress from too much rain at once. In addition to all the rain last Friday we had a brief hail event. Many of the plants will not survive to yield its full potential. I'm crossing my fingers that the majority of our 1700 plants will come back around but right now they're suffering from a literal drowning.  On a good note there seems to be a greater percentage of the plants that will recover to yield something. I know how everyone loves tomatoes and I myself look forward to every tomato season as I never buy tomatoes from the store. Just wanted to let you know we will be doing everything possible our to pick and pack as many tomatoes each week as possible. Pepper plants are recovering and are in the same condition. Right now all's I'm hoping for is no more rain until it dries out around here.