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Farm Happenings for October 15, 2020

Posted on October 9th, 2020 by Steve Young

Greetings everyone! Got our garlic planted this week.  The featured picture above is a homemade contraption we use for planting the garlic. This was a pretty exciting event being we weren't able to plant in the fall the last two years due to an overly wet October and November. Now that it's been planted we'll have to wait until next July to harvest fully mature bulbs. After planting this week we did have a few bulbs left over and so we're passing those to you this week.  Wish we would of had more this year but next summer if all goes well considering we planted twice as much as the year before we should have twice as much to pass onto you next summer. Lets all hope for a winter that will be easy on the garlic. An amazing plant garlic is. It's frozen underground all winter. In the spring it's one of the first signs of spring when its green sprout pops up. The only thing I get nervous about is when we have a mid-winter thaw. When that happens it can force the bulbs out of the ground and then the bulb dies. Let's all imagine this winter will be perfect for garlic and next summer we'll all be eating a lot more garlic.  

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Have a great week!

Farmer Steve