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Week 15: Things Happen So Quickly Around Here!

Posted on September 2nd, 2020 by Hana Newcomb

This is Week 15 of 16! 

A new Farm Notes Vol. 22, No. 7 is online! In this edition, learn about the entrepreneurs of PVF, and read reminiscences of a long-time worker and flower picker. 

August disappeared around the corner without even saying goodbye, and we are mired in a soggy start to September. Right before the last round of rains, we made a quick decision to plant lots of seeds (radishes, crimson clover, Hakurei turnips, mustards) and they have all popped out of the ground in just a couple of days. Rain is SO much better than irrigation when it comes to getting seeds to germinate. It's like the difference between drinking out of a hose and getting your fluids through an IV.

We have started to prepare the hoop houses (unheated greenhouses) for the winter plantings. Lots of weeds to rip out, lots of broadforking to do (think of a huge fork that you jump on to sink it into the soil, and then you wiggle it back and forth, loosening everything) and then we will let it rest quietly under a cover so that it is ready for seeds and plants in about a month.

We can see that the tomatoes are slowing down, but the peppers and eggplant are just getting revved up. The squash is finished in our own fields but the winter squash is ripening fast. Change is constant. There is always something new to eat. And fall is our best season! Almost here.

Canning tomatoes are no longer in robust supply. If you are still hoping for a box of seconds, please email to find out what might be available. The logistics are all still the same: Boxes will be $25 (about $1/lb). Pick up is Thursday-Sunday by reservation only. These tomatoes will a mix of varieties, and will be very ripe and need to be used ASAP. They are seconds--expect some bad spots and blemishes. Boxes must be picked up at the roadside stand between 10am and 4pm. We can arrange for after-hours pick up with notice. Tomatoes should be used the same day as pick up. To reserve your boxes, please email with your order and note:
Your name,
What day you would like to pick up your tomatoes,
How many boxes you would like, and
What roadside stand you will be picking up at (Purcellville or Vienna).

Once Becky emails you back confirming we have them available at the time you wish, you're all set!