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Week 5: Summer's Slow Start

Posted on June 24th, 2020 by Becky

A new Farm Notes is online! In this issue we talk about how we rest and recharge.

Early summer. At this point in the season we are mostly focused on weeds and pest control, but hovering on the edge of peak season. The leafy food has come in with abundance, but the fruiting plants, those ones that make your bag nice and heavy, are still up and coming--showing their promise but not yet producing significant amounts of fruit. The late frost and cooler than normal June has us tapping our feet impatiently with their slower-than-normal progress, but we have been at this long enough to know that they will come, and impatience gets us nothing but tired feet.
Still, we are out there every day monitoring the peppers, checking on those tomatoes, and making sure the winter squash will be able to beat the weeds. We have just started harvesting the garlic and it looks beautiful. A warm winter and plenty of moisture gave it every advantage. We are watching the colder season plants complete their life cycles and willing the hot weather plants to hurry up already.

Early summer: The month of both toiling and waiting with great anticipation!
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