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Farm Happenings for June 9th, 2020

Posted on June 9th, 2020 by Ben Wenk

Hello folks - 

New cider! We were busy bottling some of the last batches of our 2018 vintage the other week, namely this beautiful barrel-aged single-varietal Goldrush cider. Goldrush has become a very popular apple with our farmers market customers who value its blend of rich apple-y sweetness, countered by a bright acidic punch. Better still, this apple stores well into the winter time. And perhaps best of all, Goldrush performs exceedingly well when fermented into cider! From the very beginning, we've loved the bright citrusy, grassy acidity of this cider when blended with complimentary aromatic varieties such as Jonagold and Stayman Winesap. In this blend, we've decided to let that rich acidity stand on it's own, balancing it with with some vanilla-bourbon barrel character from the oak this cider aged in for 8 months. Fermented to dryness, this cider boasts an elegant (unfiltered) shine and a gentle balance of sweetness of acidity. So for this week, medium shares will get one bottle of Goldrush in your four pack of bottles and large shares will get 2 bottles of Goldrush in your 8 bottle haul. Cases of cans are available as add-ons. Thank you all for supporting our farm through your cider purchases. Many exciting updates available soon!