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Farm Happenings for November 18, 2020

Posted on November 15th, 2020 by Ben Sayler

Greetings from the Farm! This is the first week of the extended season are we are very excited to keep providing you local food during the cold months. We have a few new items on the menu this week including local potatoes and celery! Celery takes a very long time to grow. We planted seeds in March, transplanted them outside in May, and are just now harvesting it. These plants have been through a lot...extreme heat and cold, drought and flooding, numerous insect and disease pressures, yet they lived through it all and are now food for us to enjoy. 

The 'new' chickens that we welcomed on the farm in September seem to all be laying now and we have plenty of eggs. Please order these as an extra item if you would like any. 

The weather is predicted to get very cold and well below freezing on Wednesday night. Remember to turn off your outdoor spigots! We will be draining our irrigation lines and pumps, covering cold sensitive crops with row covers, and removing all crops that will not survive the hard freeze. We have been lucky this year that the weather has stayed so warm this late in the season and it is a true blessing for farmers. 

Thanksgiving is coming soon and is our favorite holiday. It is very special to us that a day is dedicated to celebrating the harvests of the previous season!

Be Healthy, Be Happy, and eat your veggies!


Farmer Ben