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Oxen Hill Farm Summer 2020 CSA Season Week 18; the final week of Summer (week of October 19)

Posted on October 17th, 2020 by Lisa Griffin

Every year, it is bittersweet to write the concluding newsletter of the summer season. While we look forward to the slower pace of the seasons of preparing the soil to rest for the winter, then planning, and eventually planting for the 2021 harvest, we do miss the weekly interactions that we are privileged to share with you each week as you pick up your food.  We are truly honored that you have chosen to share your family’s table with our family this season and hope that you have enjoyed the fresh, local organic produce we have grown for you.

Suffield farm shed October 2020

This season has been like none other in nearly every way.  We began planning the season last winter with switching to the Harvie CSA management system in order to allow members greater control over the contents of their share; a decision which proved to be critical when the COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary for us to pack shares for members.  While change is always difficult, we appreciate your patience as we worked through the learning curves and hope that you were able to take advantages of the new personalization tools within Harvie and the convenience of grab-and-go shares. 

The weather also brought us many extremes; from record-breaking cold and even snow in the late spring, to extreme drought and record heat-waves in early summer and even a tropical (wind)storm complete with road closures and extended power outages in early August.   And we can't forget the 3 nights of frost that arrived a month early in the middle of September!  We have invested heavily in more extensive irrigation systems that will allow us to continue to adapt to the extremes in weather in future seasons.   We are grateful to have had abundant greens, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes and we are excited about all the different kinds of winter squash and sweet potatoes.

winter squash by Jenny Graham

It is especially exciting to be able to see you a few more times, should you choose to participate in the Autumn CSA!  Current Summer CSA members will NOT be automatically renewed for the Autumn CSA, so if you haven't signed up yet, please act quickly to ensure your space!

The Harvie system allows folks to automatically be re-enrolled into the next Summer CSA season, if you checked that option when you first enrolled.  This rollover will help save you time and effort as well as to ensure that you will have a space for next year's season, as memberships have been sold out this year.  We will send information shortly about the details of the 2021 Summer CSA plans and you will receive several emails to allow you time to opt-out, if you so choose, before the re-enrollment would take place. You can also check if you would be eligible for auto-renew here.

Our family is truly grateful to have the opportunity to grow local certified Organic food for your family and hope to continue to do so in the future!

lisa at greenhouse 2020

Please remember that all produce has been grown outside and may have been rinsed after harvest, but will need to be thoroughly washed and cleaned before use by you at home.

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