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Farm Happenings for November 5, 2020

Posted on November 3rd, 2020 by Liz Gorzo

November has brought us snow, cold and the task of finally digging out the sweaters, long johns, hats, mitts, gloves etc. On the farm that means winterizing our tractors and equipment, organizing produce storage spaces and tidying, cleaning in general of our outdoor spaces. 

Snow and Frosty nights means less and less being harvested from our open fields. My apologies for taking longer once again to put this weeks box selection together.  Connecting with farmers to find out what was still harvestable took longer then usual due to snow frost and still no real sunshine yet this week. 

We are switching back to our previous schedule of customization emails and deadline is now moved to Thursday mornings at 8:00am. This will continue for the rest of season.  Our current schedule has us ending on Dec 17-18th for 2020. We will have our Christmas/Holiday Box distribution on the same date. 

The Holiday Boxes will also be available to purchase individually, separate from the share boxes. They will be customizable and your will be able to order as many as you like for yourself, sharing and/or gift giving. Delivery within our current zones is an option as well. This will be launched as a separate email that will be for the holiday boxes only. Look for that email at the end of the week. 

Thank you again for putting up with all our mishaps, missed product etc. 

Enjoy the warmer temps this week.