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Farm Happenings for July 16, 2020

Posted on July 15th, 2020 by Liz Gorzo

Good Morning everyone, 

Hope you are enjoying the slightly less humid temps.  The rain sure helped with our crops growing and being able to plant some more. 

This week we transplanted our Shallots, Cipolinni and Tropea onions.  Our potato plants were attacked by the potato beatles, they ate so may leaves some of my plants are dried sticks now. Got in there and I think I managed to save 80% of our plants.  They are fingerling, purple and rose flesh pototoes, we have been collecting and planting these seed potatoes for over three years, they came from a great potato farmer and family friend.

Available for order now, pick-up only, are pickling cucumbers, dill... please email or text if you need more info. 

This week we welcome Nonna's Lunchbox... homemade pizza dough and pizza sauce. In future weeks we will be adding ready made freezer meals and sauces. 

We will also be adding a new pick up spot in Newmarket... as of July 25, you can pick up boxes on Saturdays at Benmans Corner Store (Behind Cachet Supper Club). Also, if you haven't noticed we have added Thursday evening pick-ups. If you have trouble with pick ups on the Friday's please text me, we can make arrangements to hold your order for a day or two as needed. 

Enjoy the great selection this week, so many new yummy produce coming in season.