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Veggie Share - Week 8

Posted on July 29th, 2019 by Kim Barker

We had a great time harvesting our garlic yesterday! It took us only an hour to pick it all - with about 17 people! The garlic is really healthy looking and we've got some nice big heads. It was nice to have the help and fun to introduce people to a kind of physical labour they are not used to. 

In the field: cucumbers are in their prime! We've got lots this week. Some of them are oddly tapered near the ends, we read it's because of a lack of water. We are irrigating them but I guess it isn't a replacement for what the rain can do. We could use some of that.

We've also got lots of carrots and a new bed of beets ready. The tomatoes are slowly coming on, and the plants themselves are still growing bigger and bigger. Our peppers are suffering a problem where the stems are thinning out near the ground. A couple of our plants have fallen over from this. Alex found an ant hill under one of them. This is a new problem we haven't experienced before so we need to trouble shoot it. 

Beans look to be ready in the next two weeks! Very excited for that. We are taking a week break from our mixed greens to let them get big enough for harvest.

We're still working on lots of plantings for the fall this week. We got a new batch of compost for all our bed prep, which is the kind of thing that makes us very happy ;) 

I'm having to write this on my phone so I will add more pictures next week!

Enjoy your veggies!

- Farmer Kim