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Two weeks left…why not try something new?

Posted on December 9th, 2023 by Katherine Nietmann

There are two deliveries left in the fall CSA.  Did you know that we keep selling produce through our website weekly all winter long and into spring???  Details next week.


This week, why not try something you’ve never tried before?  We are offering a suite of winter radishes (watermelon, purple and red)!  What are your favorite holiday recipes?  Why not swap something new from the farm for an old standby?  Sadly we are out of lettuce, but tender, chopped up Asian greens make delectable salads.  Add shredded beets for their antioxidant properties.  Why not try some crispy fried shallots as an irresistible garnish on your favorite soup, salad or? (Recipe here)  One recipe we are excited to try is this carrot pie recipe from chef Josh McFadden, found here.


However you fill your box these next two weeks, we hope you feel excited, inspired and chef-y by the produce we grow for you.  Have a great week and eat well!


Katherine, Spencer and crew