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Week 4: Never too early to start preserving!

Posted on June 10th, 2023 by Katherine Nietmann

Welcome to Week 4!


You will find an abundance of all the summer glories available this week.  Tomatoes!  Basil!  Cauliflower!  Peas!  We know it can be hard to choose which items to take home each week.  Let us remind you that it is never too early in the summer to start preserving summer's bounty!  With a cool week coming up, it might be worthwhile to fire up your dehydrator, oven, or canning pot.  Hot wax peppers are available (which make fantastic pickled peperoncini), basil is in abundance (for pesto, of course!), cherry tomatoes make fantastic dried tomatoes, and all the herbs are great dried (in a low oven, or a dehydrator on the lowest setting).  We have put up pesto, cucumber pickles, and dried herbs already and are eagerly awaiting the first hot wax pepper harvest. 


The farm is looking great as a result of our warm spring, great crew, and solid pre-season planning.  Here is our onion field looking glamorous:

Here is June helping label tomato pints for grocery stores (toddlers can be so helpful!):


Enjoy the vegetables and please reach out with any preserving questions!

Katherine and Spencer