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Farm Happenings for October 16, 2023 - Week 16, The Pumpkin Edition

Posted on October 14th, 2023 by Mike Milsom

And here we are...the last week of the season. Phews!

It has certainly been a good one. Can't believe this never ending fall. No frost as of yet which certainly allowed us to harvest in abundance and so nice to keep those beet tops on for folk. To be able to offer lovely chard and peppers right through to the end is pretty sweet.

Today is the pumpkin planter's pick up day. It is very fun and it resonates near and dear to the heart of what we are all about...'connecting people to how their food is grown'.  

This season saw new delivery model, new buildings and new varieties grown. Certainly there was no lack of learning curve. But we have gotten to the end with a whole winter ahead to plan and focus on making 2024 that much better.  That makes our last week of the season the first week of the next :-)  Couldn't happen without you. So thank you for your part. 

A full compliment of vegetables available to you for the week ahead, so be sure you stock up :-)