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Farm Happenings for October 4, 2022 - The 2022 Thansgiving edition

Posted on October 1st, 2022 by Mike Milsom

Thanksgiving is perhaps our most favorite holiday of the year. The cool air, the colours and best of all the huge selection of vegetables that are going to be a part of your family feast. A happy time to be sure.

In the wide array of selection we offer, there are a few that evoke strong emotional responses. Some of these are because they connect with a childhood memory. Others because of their distinct flavour.  Turnip, would definitely be high on this list.

There is a difference between Rutabaga and Turnip. We are offering both this week. It is typically the Rutabaga that is much maligned. Trotted out for Thanksgiving and Christmas, because someone in the family often feels like it is a necessary part of a traditional feast. This creates a precarious moment when a meal, that has been hours upon hours in the preparation is placed on the table.  

A stern glance, often from father, gets cast at the young ones. You know the look. It is the death stare that says, "if you so much as turn a nose up when that required spoonful of turnip mash gets dropped on your plate, life as you know it, will end."

It is for this reason, that we also offer Turnip. We, at Mike's Garden Harvest are here for you. It is a lighter, sweeter version and will compliment your traditional meal nicely in a non-traditional way. Turnip greens are off the charts in terms of nutritional value so you really are getting two for one.  

Still so much to do in the field and some really HUGE news that will be announced next week. However, this week is about pausing, reflecting and giving thanks for a blessed season. 

Enjoy :-)