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Farm Happenings for August 9, 2022 - Introducing the Volunteers

Posted on August 6th, 2022 by Mike Milsom

It was over 3 years ago now. Late September.  The weather was colder than advertized and on Tuesday, the frost came like a bully, as close as you could possibly be without actually damaging anything. An icy scare for sure, with the promise of it coming back with a vengence on Thursday. At that time there was just two of us working the farm with two acres of winter squash and an acre of tomatoes all at risk. I broke the glass and rang the alarm...sending an urgent call out to the entire CSA membership and through all our social media channels.  

First there was one....then another...  then a family...then friends and neighbors. Before we knew it, there were over 20 people in the field, moving down the rows and loading a wagon that was groaning under the weight of the harvest.  There was an uparalleled connection. Kids and adults alike all leaning in and making it happen.

The light faded and tired but happy people waved to tuck their little one's in for the day.  So full of gratefulness we waved back and there were so many thank yous.  But there were still piles of squash in the field and my one staff member, reminded me that they had been on the farm since 7am and now it was 8:30pm and they would like to remain married. Fair enough.  Just at that very moment, as I was about to take him home, there was a knock on the van window. Startled... I rolled down and peered into the dark at a very large framed man.

"Yes?" I inquired...somewhat defensively.

The voice in the dark was contrite.

"So sorry to come so late, I was at work. Is it too late to volunteer?"  

Denny and I worked until 4am and we managed to pick up the last of the winter squash.

Over the years, so many people have come and offered help. Everyone leaves their mark in our hearts and make a difference in the season. Some come fleetingly and others like Angela, Sara and Marie-France have come regularily and look for ways to help. Together, we are building a farm where there was once none. 

We are just two weeks away from finally getting our own cold storage. This will be huge as it allows us to fully draw out the field heat from the vegetables and will go along way towards keeping things as fresh as possible for you. Step by little step ..we are getting better and we couldn't have done without you. A sincere thank you to each and everyone.

We are struggling a bit with the intense heat, so please, if something isn't right when it arrives on your doorstep, please let us know and we will make it right.  We spent three full days removing horn worms who would have decimated our tomatoes given the chance. This was not a planned activity and while it did set us back but we can happily report a successful hunt and that there is a very promising harvest that is a mere couple of weeks away. Can't wait :-) Plenty of cukes and zukes (cucumber and zucchini) and lettuce and basil ect. Things are looking good for sure.  

Enjoy :-)