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Farm Happenings for July 20, 2021

Posted on July 17th, 2021 by Mike Milsom

Well, we have done it!  Collectively and to be honest we have reason to be proud of ourselves. 

We stayed isolated.  We figured out online shopping and curbside pick up.  We wore masks and kept ourselves from hugging, hand shaking and other important non verbal communications. 

Endless hours of zoom meetings and online learning. Family units seeing either too much of one another or too little and the whole time... and I mean the whole time... we endured a significant worry.

Looking in the rearview mirror and then now...looking ahead ..  stronger, more gracious and perhaps with a greater appreciation of some of the things we might not have before.  Things like... well, I dunno.. a share in Mike's Garden Harvest perhaps! (lol) 

Good job everyone.  Let's stretch out like the sunflowers and enjoy this fine summer. For all the right reasons, it is going to be one to remember :-)