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Mike's Farm Store

Posted on April 28th, 2021 by Mike Milsom

We have some pretty exciting news for you today.

First of all, we are proud to show off our long aspired for Farm Store that is now here on the property and ready to go to work.  

We are going to be able to offer Pop up sales and value added products to accompany your share should you wish supplied by other local farms and businesses.

We have sold out of our 16 week customizable summer share boxes for the season, but if you didn't get 'in' don't despair! You can still sign up for our Farm Stand and you will get a Farm Happening that tells you what we have available for you each week at our farm store :-) If that interests you, please just click this link:

And finally, watch for this year's fall/winter share!!  We will announce that later this summer.  Thank you for thinking of us. It would be lovely to have you a part of our season.