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Farm Happenings for July 29, 2020 - Long weekend special (please read)

Posted on July 27th, 2020 by Mike Milsom

It actually rained here on the farm!  You know, when water falls from the sky in the movies.  It happened for real.  Cars passing by flashed their lights, waved and honked as we danced bare foot in the open field.  Ok..maybe not quite all of that, but it was nice, albeit short lived.  There was renewed life in those droplets.  All the irrigation in the world can't replace the experience of the sky opening up and replenishing the soil.  We hunkered down and planted the last of the cabbage which was perfect.  

In other farm news, there is a staffing announcement. We would like to announce that one of our own CSA members, Lydia Elizabeth has recently assumed the responsibility of Community Liason here at the farm. Lydia who is among many things Community Relations Director at CHRI and a fitness coach at GoodLife Fitness will help find meaningful ways in which the farm can connect to those who might otherwise be passed over.  Our first step in this direction is to have the able hands of a small crew on Friday afternoons from Jericho Road are going to do a bit of weeding for us on a volunteer basis. Very special.  Welcome Lydia!

Before I get into this week's offering I will address this week's delivery schedule. Going to a long weekend it has come to our attention that some of you have cottages you are eager to escape to.  We looked at a few solutions and what we decided is that ...and please carefully...   IF you are wanting to receive your share EARLIER than you might expect be expecting it to be delivered ..  you have until 24 hours prior to advise of us this and we will make your box early and available for pick up on that day from 12 to 2pm. The construction on River Road is completed and all the detours that we have had to deal with for the past couple of weeks are gone :-)

For example....  if you get delivered to on a Friday...and you think it might arrive later than you are wanting to get away...  then you can write us upto Thursday morning...and ask to have your box made up for FARM pick up .. for 12 to pm to 2pm Friday and we will happily do that for you.  Those vegetables will be fresh and the box will be made for you that very morning for you to enjoy.  The only difference will be, instead of putting it on the truck and waiting its' turn to arrive on your will be here for you at 436 River Road on the wagon under the tent guarded by an intern.  

We coming to understand that there are some automated messages being generated by Harvie born out of some data that I filled out back in March.  At the time, I was under the impression it would be very easy to change but that is proving to not be the case.  At first I was puzzled by people saying their was conflicting messages but now I understand why and I am having a trouble trying to resolve it.  If you have any doubts at thing is to reach out to me directly either at or by calling/text 613-314-3104.  Either myself or Judy will answer you as quickly as we are so able. what is available this week?  Well, there is still smaller romaine lettuce,  an abundance of green beans, radishes, bunches of shallots/green onions, cucumbers, basil, parsley, kohlrabi, kale and just in time for the long weekend BBQ...noche zucchini. Enjoy :-)