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Farm Happenings for July 2, 2020

Posted on June 29th, 2020 by Mike Milsom

The day I took over the lease of this property from the NCC I walked out over the field alone then my two dogs, Smokey and Houston.  I had been growing vegetables and delivering them to people for people and it had been to that point pretty much a solo journey.  As I stood in the waist high fields and looked down one length of the field and then back to the other I said to myself, "well......   it can't just be 'me' anymore.  

I spent that season closing up 19 years of my life, renovating the home that I raised two sons in and selling it and moving to River Road.  The field got tile drained, the parking lot got placed and the greenhouse got installed.  The whole field was worked and planted in a winter rye.  

As much thought and planning that has gone into this, I wasn't ready for the storm of attention that we got this year.  It is both exciting and scary. Whole sections of the farm fields have been opened up and infrastructure that were mere drawings are now in position in stages of completion. Such an interesting group of people. From our CSA membership, to our gardeners to the people who are working hard in our fields for an ambundent harvest. It is quite a thing.

All the extra energy that has gone into ramping up has taken up some of the precious time that is best spent in the field in our short season so our first offerings are a bit on the lighter side. That being said, there is so much planted that is growing well.  As the summer and fall unfolds I think you will be very pleased.  By August, I think things will have opened up enough that we will be able to host an Open Field and it would wonderful to have you all come through and let us show you what is growing in the fields.

This being said, first things first. We have to get through Week One.  Pick up is on Thursday this week from 3pm to 6pm.  Then we are going to turn around and get ready to do our night run. Your veggies will be on your door step by 6:30am Friday morning. That is the plan. 

Some questions that are being asked: What size are the boxes?   I’ve just ordered 600 16” x 12” x 7” boxes…with liners to match.  I think they will look nice and fit well in people’s coolers. It would be wise, if there is room to put freezer packs at the bottom just to keep the coolers 'cool'.  We have never had any troubles with critters at our delivery points (touch wood) the three years we have been delivering this way. Once we get into August/September ..the nights are certainly cool enough on their own.

So ready or we go :-)  We are a bit late the party, but please rest assured, we are going to be the last ones to leave :-)