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Post-Holiday Clarity

Posted on January 7th, 2023 by Brittany Reardon

There's something about taking a break for the holiday - stepping away from work entirely - and coming back to it all that's reinvigorating. As I'm typing it occured to me to look up the definition of reinvigorate - "to give new energy or strength to". Taking a full week off from the farm, spending time in the mountains of PA, we've recharged ourselves. Upon returning to the farm, this new energy is palpable. We are back and ready to roll into 2023! 

January as always is laden with office work and projects. Making plans and schedules, hiring, ordering supplies, building new structures for the year...there's a long list. Kelly and Michael have begun the wash/pack house renovation project and they're working on making improvements for our entire wash and pack process. Lots more updates on this to come soon! This week Carrie and Kelly prepped the beds in the new high tunnel, which meant that (with this unseasonably warm weather) we were able to seed some late winter/early spring crops inside! 

We've also got plans for a second brooder for our chicks this season. After we pour concrete we'll put a greenhouse on top to house the chicks before they're big enough to go out on pasture. 

All of us at Mad Radish hope that you had a relaxing and reinvigorating holiday as well - and if you didn't, we hope that you get a chance to take a break soon :) Thank you for being here for the winter season, and we hope that you'll continue with us into the main season. If you've already reserved your three season share, THANK YOU! Click the link below to check out the CSA options for 2023. 

2023 CSA