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November heat wave means broccoli is ready!

Posted on November 6th, 2022 by Brittany Reardon

Broccoli update - Broccoli is IN in a big way this week, there's a lot - BUT it's got some minimal spotting on some heads so I wanted to be sure to mention it. You might see a very small brown spot or two on your broccoli this week. It's perfectly edible and we think they're due to the long stretch of cloudy days in which the heavy dew sat on the heads all day long as they grew (slowly). 

We are pretty excited about the share offerings this week. Check them out and customize your box! Remember this is the second to last week for the fall CSA so now is the time to stock up on your favorites before the cold winter sets in… of course, that’s only if you don’t plan to join the winter CSA :) we are now at 50% capacity and will close sign ups when our spots are full.

Soy-free chicken is back from the butcher!! While not yet on the product list, we have whole birds and cuts available now. In the meantime if you’re interested please send us a quick note and we can get you pricing on whatever it is you’re looking for.