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Farm Stand Offer #5

Posted on May 25th, 2023 by Sheila Dicks

Fennel and green garlic are the stars this week and the walk-in smells so good every time I go in it! While harvesting squash I spotted a tiny eggplant forming in the next row. I was pretty excited because I had started thinking the eggplants had become a trap crop. If you're not familiar with this farming term it's when you plant a certain variety of plant to attract all the bugs to it and leave your main crop alone. The poor eggplants got hit right after we planted the seedlings with flea beetles and striped potato beetle. Thinking this might be one of those times I might need to spray with an organically approved insecticide, I notices many lady bugs in every life stage! I decided to let nature take is course and let the beneficial insects thrive. The plants are still full of holes and we are picking off the beetle larvas daily, but we may just have eggplants after all.