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Spring/Summer CSA Week #9

Posted on June 11th, 2022 by Sheila Dicks

The heirloom tomato Stripped German has really been showing out this year as far as size! The first ones on the plants have been very large, unfortunate the thing about heirlooms is they do not produce as many tomatoes on a plant as a hybrid and of course the slicer tomatoes always produce the most. Now that more tomatoes are starting to ripen you should be receiving them in your next couple share, if not please check your preferences on your Harvie account.

The eggplants are really delicious this year and my favorite way to cook them is tossed in olive oil and roasted. We have a new variety this year called Fairy Tale they are a small 3-4 inch and the skins are soft and do not require peeling. I removed ends, sliced down the middle and sautéed in olive oil they were so yummy!

Tomatoes should be stored on counter, never in your refrigerator. Eggplants will last on counter for a day, but for a little longer storage put in protected wrapping or plastic bag not closed in veggie drawer or warmest spot in your refrigerator. 

Thank you for being a member of our CSA family and have a great week!

Your farmers,

Jim, Sheila, Andy, Nicki and Kassie