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The fast and the not- so furious

Posted on September 25th, 2022 by John Eisenstein

Hi everyone!

Can you remember a quicker transition into Autumn than we have had this year?  It seemed to happen overnight.  Where did Summer go?  I just turn around and all of a sudden sweet potatoes are ready to harvest (see above) and we are drowning (not literally) in broccolini.  For those of you unfamiliar with broccolini, it combines the mild flavor and sweetness of broccoli with the tenderness of Chinese budding kale (gailan).  All parts of the harvested product are prized--  leaves, florets, and stems (no need to peel).  Here is what it looks like in the field:  "Regular" broccoli coming soon.  I'm sad to say cauliflower not coming at all!  Turns out, 2022 was not the year I finally did everything perfectly after all... here's what the broccoli looks like in the field:

Taking it's sweet time to form a flower bud.. patience!  Patience is required!  Notice too the shorter plant habit.

We also have some very nice salad turnips this week-- they taste even better in the Fall than in the Spring-- and the usual suspects for this time of year.  Lots of very very fine arugula too.  Carrots coming next week!

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