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Farm Happenings for January 26, 2022

Posted on January 23rd, 2022 by Mark Kastner


The next 2-5 weeks will be challenging as I offer nutritious, fresh produce during the dead of winter. (where is the January thaw?) We move  above ten hours  of daylight needed for meaningful plant growth in about  two weeks, but  the crops will start back slowly. About 3 weeks later we will see progress, and we are now planting new flats with that in mind. It's that farmer's positive attitude; only  five weeks out!
The Winter Crops are holding up pretty well through this cold spell. The high winds a couple of weeks ago tossed a large branch through the roof of one of our big houses, and the resulting puncture is growing into a large tear. I don't see too much crop damage yet,  even  with the snow last night. I don't think the hole is repairable, but with a break in the wind, I can fix and keep it from growing larger. 
Those of you who ordered Rosemary plants last week and didn't get them, that is on me and I should have them on the next delivery. I just thought the raw wind chill last week would be detrimental to a plant's wellbeing! 
This week I am at the Family Fare parking lot in Eaton Rapids on Wednesday at 12:00 noon, and the Allen Street Indoor Farmers Market after that, 3:00-6:00. Thursday afternoon is farm pick up, and Saturday I will be in the parking lot behind Flour Child Bakery in Grand Ledge, 11:00-12:00 noon. I hope to see you soon!
Thank you,