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Summer Week #3

Posted on June 25th, 2020 by Stacey Taggart

We had a very disappointing vine patch last year - the squash bugs decimated almost everything! - and so we've vowed to beat them this year!  They may have one a war, but we will win the battle!!  And we are!!  We've planted a larger vine patch than ever so we have plenty of room between each plant and can tend to them individually more easily.  We've also switched up the way we're irrigating them.  And last but not least, we're picking the squash bugs out one by one!  It is a bit tedious, but it's so worth it. And honestly, the kids have been doing the majority of the work anyway and are earning money and video game time in the process. Yet the other night, Mason challenged us to find 80 squash bugs and to see how fast we could do it in.  30 minutes later, we had our 80 squash bugs!  We're spending a lot of time in the vine patch but all our hard work is paying off as we really feel like we're on top of the squash bugs this year.  In addition, we're hatching out baby praying mantis so the squash bugs will certainly be defeated this year!